A Carnegie Hall concert performance of Stephen Sondheim's 1964 Broadway musical "Anyone Can Whistle." Madeline sings the role of Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper, who, with the help of her cabinet, fakes a miracle to revive her ailing popularity as well as that of her town. She encounters opposition from Nurse Fay Apple (Bernadette Peters) of Dr. Detmold's Sanitarium for the Socially Pressured, and asks help from Dr. J. Bowden Hapgood (Scott Bakula) only to be upstaged by him. I have listened to this CD over and over again... it is excellent. Madeline has many great songs here: "Me and My Town," "A Parade in Town," "Miracle Song," "I've Got You to Lean On," "Cookie Chase," and her final song in the concert, "There's Always a Woman," a duet with the lovely and talented Peters. This is one of my favorite CDs.


1. Overture

2. Narrator's Introduction

3. Me And My Town

4. Miracle Introduction

5. Miracle Song

6. Fay's Arrival

7. Cookie Speech

8. There Won't Be Trumpets

9. Hapgood's Arrival

10. Simple (The Interrogation)

11. Entr'acte

12. Hooray For Hapgood

13. Come Play Wiz Me

14. Whistle Introduction

15. Anyone Can Whistle

16. Hooray For Hapgood Reprise

17. A Parade In Town

18. Transition -- Tear Up Those Records

19. Everybody Says Don't

20. I've Got You To Lean On

21. Transition -- See What It Gets You

22. See What It Gets You

23. Transition -- Cookie Arrest

24. Cookie Chase

25. There's Always A Woman

26. Transition -- With So Little To Be Sure Of

27. With So Little To Be Sure Of

28. Finale

I've Got You to Lean On (Reprise)

Ben Phillips