Ben's Picture Album

Me and my mom. We got along really well for a long time. Then I learned to speak, and everything went downhill.

Me and my cousins on a family reunion canoeing trip.

OK, those would be my "family" pictures. I don't know about you but I can feel the warmth. Anyway, the rest are my friends.

Me with my friends Aubrey, Jennifer, and Brad, in Ms. Martin's room at school.



Jennifer AND Aubrey: my two closest friends in high school. Don't know where I'd be without them, to tell you the truth.

(L to R) Jennifer's sister Melissa, Aubrey, Jennifer, and Kim.

Matt, one of the damn funniest people I've ever met.

Me at work. Also in this picture with me is Laura's thumb... I'm beginning to think she wasn't the master photographer she made herself out to be. (Still love her though.)

This is Laura, my good friend and coworker, and this time she consented to allow her entire body to be photographed.

Here we are again. Damn it's hard to think of stuff to say. Just look at the damn picture.

Laura and Walter, who is the video manager at our store.

Being a video manager is a difficult, time-consuming position that requires lots of hard work and discipline. Right, Walter?

Just a couple more I wanted to throw in... this is my favorite teacher from high school... I took her classes every year I could.

This on the other hand would be my least favorite teacher. Ever. For best results when viewing this picture, imagine a giant thought bubble rising from her head with a picture of a donut in it.