"Halloween" Album Suggestions:

Shadowgate, NES

Uninvited, NES

The Legend of Zelda, NES (Dungeon: #4 / 8)

Zelda II, NES (Dungeon #12 / 16)

Nightmare (Alundra, PlayStation)

Ode to Lisa (SoulBlazer, SNES)

Lost Woods (A Link to the Past, SNES)

"Valentine" Album Suggestions:

Psalm (Actraiser, SNES)

Memory Revealed (Illusion of Gaia, SNES)

Earth (E.V.O., SNES)

Smiles and Tears (EarthBound, SNES)

Love & Peace (EarthBound, SNES)

Ness's House (Pollyanna) (EarthBound, SNES)

Mother, NES (Pollyanna: #4 / 75)