A very funny comedy which marked the directorial debut of Gene Wilder, who also wrote the screenplay. The plot has Sherlock involved in a very important case. So that he can solve it without criminal interference, he uses his younger brother Sigerson (Wilder) as a decoy. Sigerson believes his brother needs help with the case, and sets out to solve it. Madeline is his romantic lead, the mysterious Jenny Hill. Also featured are fellow Mel Brooks favorites Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise. Madeline has some terrific singing scenes, and some genuinely hilarious moments with Wilder. Classic.

"Sherlock" Sounds

whowhat.wav: Jenny tells Sigerson who -- and what -- she is.
letter.wav: What was in the letter, Ms. Hill?
kangahop.wav: Nothing like a spontaneous drawing room dance number.
love.wav: Jenny the music hall singer performs.
father.wav: Sigerson asks Jenny about her father.
opera.wav: An excerpt from the questionable opera that provides the backdrop for the final scene.

Ben Phillips