"Two by Two" was a Broadway musical about the Biblical story of Noah and his ark. Danny Kaye stars as Noah; Madeline plays Goldie, a Golden Girl from the Temple of the Golden Ram. She has only one song, "The Golden Ram," but it is a good one, and I think the last note of this song is the highest note I've ever heard Madeline hit. Unfortunately, only three months into the show, Kaye had an accident onstage, tearing ligaments in his ankle. He returned to the show the next week, in a knee-length cast and bound to a wheelchair. At this point, legend has it, Mr. Kaye turned the show into his own private vaudeville show: pretending to forget his lines, mocking his costars, and attempting to break up those sharing the stage with him. After Kaye's contract was up, the show closed quietly, and Kaye never did another Broadway show again. Meanwhile, Madeline's career took off shortly thereafter.

"Two by Two" Sounds

goldram.wav: an excerpt from Madeline's one solo song in the musical.

Ben Phillips