"Young Frankenstein" is without a doubt one of the finest comedies ever made. It was directed by Mel Brooks and written by Brooks and star Gene Wilder. To insure the success of their hilarious screenplay, which would be nominated for an Oscar, Brooks and Wilder enlisted one of the finest comedy casts ever assembled: Cloris Leachman as the mysterious housekeeper Frau Blucher, Marty Feldman as the hunchbacked assistant Igor (no, it's pronounced "Eye-gor"), Peter Boyle as the monster, Teri Garr as sexy lab assistant Inga, Kenneth Mars as the inspector, and, of course, Madeline Kahn, the brilliant comedienne who had won an Oscar nomination for her hilarious if all-too-brief work in Brooks' previous comic masterpiece, "Blazing Saddles." Here again, her performance was one of the film's highlights, and she was rewarded with a Golden Globe nomination. Wilder himself later acknowledged Madeline's knack for scene-stealing: "Madeline didn't want to play the lab assistant; she wanted to play the fiancee. Well, I thought she must be crazy, because I thought the lab assistant was a much better part. Well, it was... UNTIL Madeline put her own stamp on the fiancee."

"Young Frankenstein" Sounds

betboots.wav: Elizabeth tells Frederick he's incorrigible.
dodo.wav: Elizabeth asks Inga what it is that she does do.
poopoo.wav: Elizabeth has set up... facilities for the monster.
taffeta.wav: It wrinkles so easily, you know...

Ben Phillips