CLUE -- a hilarious movie with a huge following. ANOTHER movie that Madeline totally steals in the role of mysterious widow Mrs. White, although, to some extent, she shares this one with Tim Curry; their two characters are traditionally audience's favorites. The film, a murder-mystery spoof, is based on the popular CLUE board game, and features all the familiar characters, all played by talented comedians: Mrs. White (Madeline, of course), Ms. Scarlett (Lesley Ann Warren, not by nature a comedic actress, giving a marvelous performance), Mrs. Peacock (hilarious Emmy-winner Eileen Brennan), Col. Mustard (Martin Mull, also great), Prof. Plum (Christopher Lloyd), and Mr. Green (Michael McKean). Curry plays Wadsworth the butler, ostensibly the dinner's host.

"Clue" Sounds

flames.wav: No collection of "Clue" sounds would be complete without Mrs. White's hilarious diatribe about flames... on the side of her face.
please.wav: Mrs. White gets a bit frantic while the motorist is locked in the lounge.
noboddy.wav: Mr. Boddy's body! It's gone!
grttrick.wav: Mrs. White and Mr. Green ponder how Col. Mustard and Ms. Scarlett got into the locked lounge.
killpubl.wav: Mrs. White reveals that her late husband had threatened to kill her in public.
optimist.wav: Mrs. White describes her husband, as well as the circumstances under which his body was found.
illusion.wav: Apparently, Mrs. White's first husband also disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
howmanyh.wav: How many husbands has Mrs. White had?
lifeaft1.wav: So, does Mrs. White miss her husband? It's a matter of life after death.
lifeaft2.wav: But seriously, what does Mrs. White really think about the probability of life after death?

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Ben Phillips